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2 March 2020

Do you have a t-shirt, poster or other memorabilia from the 80’s that tells the story of Cradock as the epicenter of the fight against apartheid?   Do you wish to contribute towards the growing of memory spaces in the Eastern Cape?  Would you like your children to know their history?


The Fort Calata Foundation invites stakeholders and funders to contribute to the staging of the 35th Anniversary of the Cradock Four memorial lecture and exhibition.

The Exhibition will mark the 35th Anniversary of the assassinations of the Cradock Four, an event that shook South Africa and the world.  The ultimate sacrifices of these four men and the many others who fought and died beside them are the historical reminder of where South Africa comes from and how much is still to be done to find truth and justice.


The Exhibition will be housed both at the Garden of Remembrance and the Calata Centre of Memory in Cradock, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

The Fort Calata Foundation is a Non Profit Entity in its foundation phase of establishment. 

All contributors will be acknowledged in the Foundation annual report, and on the foundation website.  All archive and memorabilia will be carefully recorded, digitised and mounted at the sites of memory.  Funds will go towards the programmes of the foundation.

The foundation endevours to run its programmes for the benefit of the community of Cradock.


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